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Firefighters Have Developed Cancer From Using Firefighting Foam | 11/21/2022

Thousands more firefighting foam lawsuits are expected from firefighters and those living near municipal firefighting stations...READ MORE

Firefighters Have Developed Cancer From Using Firefighting Foam | 11/21/2022

Thousands more firefighting foam lawsuits are expected from firefighters and those living near municipal firefighting stations...READ MORE

Part Two of Equipment Degreasers Containing Trichloroethylene Is At The Center Of The US Military's Water Contamination Crisis | 11/20/2022

The water contamination crisis is not limited to Camp Lejeune and could affect every military base in the United States...READ MORE

Equipment Degreasers Containing Trichloroethylene Is At The Center Of The US Military's Water Contamination Crisis Part One | 11/20/2022

The water contamination crisis is not limited to Camp Lejeune and could affect every military base in the United States...READ MORE

Tap Water Kidney Cancer Could Be Likely Caused By PFAS Chemical Contaminated | 11/17/2022

Tap water testing could provide answers to the possible sources of kidney cancer...READ MORE

Cancer Clusters May Occur Where PFAS Forever Chemical Are Manufacturered Or Used | 11/17/2022

Where you live may determine whether or not you get tap water cancer...READ MORE

Newborn Babies Are Packed With PFAS Forever Chemicals | 11/14/2022

We may have already doomed the next generation to an early death from PFAS cancer...READ MORE

California Sues 3M And Others For Water Contamination From Firefighting Foam | 11/13/2022

The lawsuit follows North Carolina and others seeking billions of dollars in environmental remediation...READ MORE

PFAS Chemicals Found In Tap Water Of Communities Surrounding 400 Military Bases And Airports | 11/12/2022

About 700 sources of contamination have been identified and thousands of families may have been drinking water that caused them to develop cancer...READ MORE

Burn Pits And Waste Disposal At Military Bases Contributed To Tap Water Pollution And Cancer | 11/8/2022

Lakes, rivers, and streams near military bases may be contaminated and residents are advised not to eat nearby fish or game...READ MORE

Firefighting Foam Settlements Will Set A Precedent For PFAS Water Contamination Lawsuits In The Future | 10/31/2022

The recent settlement of 270 water well contamination cases for $17.5 million in Wisconsin extrapolates to billions of dollars nationwide...READ MORE

The Clean Water Act Failed To Protect People From PFAS Forever Chemicals In Americas Waterways | 10/25/2022

Most American waterways are polluted with PFAS forever chemicals that could be causing cancer and other diseases...READ MORE

People With Cancer May Hold 3M And Others Financially Accountable For Causing Their Disease And Death | 10/23/2022

Those who work in or live near municipal firefighting stations may be exposed to high levels of PFAS forever chemicals from firefighting foam...READ MORE

PFAS Water Contamination May Be Greatest On And Near US Military Installations That Use Firefighting Foam | 10/13/2022

Firefighting foam has been washed down into local storm drains for decades polluting local water systems with PFAS forever chemicals...READ MORE

EWG Reports Multiple Studies Have Found PFAS Chemicals In Umbilical Cord Blood of Newborn Babies | 10/3/2022

Mothers have been exposed to PFAS forever chemicals in their diet and also in the water they drink...READ MORE

PFAS Water Contamination May Have Contaminated Every Military Base That Used Firefighting Foam | 10/2/2022

Thousands of lawsuits could target 3M the maker of toxic firefighting foam...READ MORE

PFAS Chemicals Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances In Childrens Clothing May Cause Cancer And Other Health Problems | 9/28/2022

Yet another cause for concern is that childrens clothing may contain toxic PFAS forever chemicals ...READ MORE

Water Contamination Is The Invisible Enemy At Military Bases | 9/20/2022

The military is bringing in clean bottled water and shutting down the contaminated water supply...READ MORE

State Municipal Governments Must Tighten Water Safety Standards | 9/20/2022

People may sue the government for failing to warn them that the water they drink may cause cancer...READ MORE

PFAS Chemical Contamination Is Absolutely Everywhere Says A Prominent Environmental Chemist | 9/13/2022

The entire ecosystem is contaminated with toxic PFAS forever chemicals and there may be no way to avoid them...READ MORE

The US Air Force Identifies PFAS Chemicals From Firefighting Foam Contaminated Several Military Water Supplies | 9/12/2022

The Air Force started using firefighting foam that is now believed to be carcinogenic more than five decades ago...READ MORE

The EPA Undertests and Underreports Levels of PFAS Forever Chemicals In Drinking Water | 8/1/2022

The nation's water contamination crisis is likely orders of magnitude greater than what the EPA is willing to admit...READ MORE

Municipal Government Are On The Front Line In Fighting Local Tap Water Contamination | 7/27/2022

Recent changes in EPA water purity mandates are forcing municipalities to take action to bring down PFAS forever chemical percentages...READ MORE

PFAS Forever Chemical Are Not Diluted With Water And Leech Into The Nearest Water System Every Time It Rains | 7/17/2022

Most airports have failed to test the local drinking water supplies for PFAS chemicals that are in the firefighting foam they have used for decades...READ MORE

Bottled Water Safety Is Getting The Attention of Lawmakers Looking to Reduce PFAS Forever Chemical In The Water Supply | 7/14/2022

Drinking water processed through reverse osmosis significantly reduces the level of PFAS forever chemicals a study report...READ MORE

Passage of The Camp Lejeune Justice Act Could Take Months Longer Than Expected | 7/12/2022

It may be starting to dawn on lawmakers that allowing Marines and their families to sue the military could cost billions of dollars...READ MORE

Most Marines And Civilians That Lived And Worked in The Area Are Unaware That Drinking Tap Water Caused Their Cancer | 7/9/2022

Marine Web Site Support The Passing of The Camp Lejeune Justice Act And Details Government Negligence...READ MORE

Millions Who Lived On or Near Camp Lejeune And Other Military Bases Have Developed A Variety of Deadly Diseases | 7/6/2022

Drinking the local water may be the cause of many forms of cancer and various neurological diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Lou Gherig's disease...READ MORE

A CDC Study Links Drinking Camp Lejeune Tap Water With Serious Birth Defects | 7/5/2022

Marine veterans will be able to sue the Federal government when President Biden signs the Honoring Our Pact Act which includes the Camp Lejeune Justice Act...READ MORE

The EPA Has Lowered Its Tolerance For Acceptable Levels Of PFAS Forever Chemicals In Municipal Drinking Water To Nearly Zero | 6/27/2022

Cleaning up America's drinking water contamination problem is a large part of transitioning to a greener society...READ MORE

Marine Combat Survivors Returned Home To Face A Silent But Deadly Enemy In Camp Lejeune Water Contamination | 6/23/2022

The Campo Lejeune Justice Act's $8 billion cost estimate grossly underestimates what juries are capable of delivering...READ MORE

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act Has Passed The Senate And Awaits The Signature of the President | 6/20/2022

The last hurdle facing marine core veterans and others has been cleared allowing people with cancer or their survivors the legal right to sue the Federal Government...READ MORE

Massachusetts AG Sues 3M And Others For Destroying The Local Drinking Water Systems With PFAS Forever Chemicals | 6/16/2022

A lawsuit alleges that companies have disregarded environmental protection laws and knowingly destroyed the local groundwater and other natural resources...READ MORE

12 More Military Bases Show Elevated Levels Of PFAS Forever Chemicals | 6/15/2022

Millions of people that live on or near a US military base may have been exposed for months and years to toxic chemicals in their drinking water...READ MORE

Dry Cleaning Chemicals Are Likely Carcinogenic According To The WHO | 6/13/2022

Improperly disposed of Perchloroethylene (PERC) may be causing cancer at Camp Lejuene and elsewhere...READ MORE

Water Contamination Legislation Should Be A Higher Priority Than Gun Control | 6/10/2022

Thousands of children have died and others are dying from leukemia and other forms of cancer because their mothers drank tap water from Camp Lejeune while pregnant...READ MORE

Cancer Clusters Expose Dry Cleaning Solution As A Potential Source Of Tap Water Contamination | 6/8/2022

Marines that have had children die from leukemia should speak with a Camp Lejeune water contamination lawyer ...READ MORE

Farms Near The Nation's 400 Military Bases Are Raising Crops And Livestock That Are Contaminated With PFAS Forever Chemicals | 6/6/2022

Tap water contamination is just the tip of the iceberg of ways humans have been exposed to PFAS forever chemicals...READ MORE

There Are Many Ways To Ingest Carcinogenic PFAS Forever Chemical Besides Drinking Tap Water | 6/2/2022

Eating fish and shellfish caught in waters near airports is one example of ways humans ingest food that may contain toxic amounts of PFAS Forever Chemicals...READ MORE

Thousands of Children Died At Camp Lejeune From Leukemia Because Their Mother Drank Tap Water While Pregnant | 5/31/2022

No one should have to live with the death of an innocent child because the military failed to keep them safe while on US soil...READ MORE

Camp Lejeune Marine Veterans, Civilian Employees, And Their Families Should Undergo Cancer Testing | 5/30/2022

Tens of thousands of US Marines and their family members, and also civilian employees and their families may have been exposed to carcinogens in their drinking water...READ MORE

Efforts To Remediate Troubled Tap Water Near Air Force Bases Is Too Little Too Late | 5/29/2022

Families in Colorado were told by the Air Force starting in 2016 not to drink the local tap water...READ MORE

The Honoring Our Pact Act Will Acknowledge That Latent Cancers Are Service Related | 5/26/2022

Burn Pit exposure caused thousands of deaths of military veterans who returned home from war looking healthy, only to develop terminal cancer within a decade...READ MORE

Water Contamination at Camp Lejeune Caused Stillborn Baby Deaths And Other Child Deaths That Were Left Unrecorded | 5/25/2022

The military may have covered up the Camp Lejeune childhood cancer cluster leading to an explosion in miscarriages, still borne baby deaths, and adolescent deaths...READ MORE

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Has Helped To Shed Light On A Global Health Catastrophy | 5/23/2022

PFAS forever chemicals are everywhere, in everything, and could be the root cause of the explosion in global cancer and autism rates...READ MORE

Military Veterans From Camp Lejeune May Now File Suit Against The Department of Defense For Causing Their Family Illnesses | 5/20/2022

Part of the Honoring Our Pact Act will allow for new tort claims for veterans and families exposed to toxic water at Camp Lejeune...READ MORE

Florida Senator Rubio Alleges The Government Covered Up Their Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Crimes And Must Be Held Accountable In A Court of Law | 5/18/2022

Senators May Pass the Honoring Our Pact Act including the Camp Lejeune e Act as early as this month allowing Marines and civilian employees the ability to sue the federal government...READ MORE

The US Congress Has Known Since 2010 That The Drinking Water At Camp Lejeune Was Killing Marines And Their Families | 5/17/2022

The Government kept Marines in the dark about cancer dangers their families faced from drinking contaminated local tap water...READ MORE

Marines From Camp Lejeune That Have Lost Children To Cancer From Toxic Forever Chemical Exposure Are Due Their Day In Court | 5/16/2022

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act seeks to overturn a provision in North Carolina law that has prevented military veterans and their families from seeking justice via the courts....READ MORE

A Camp Lejeune Cemetary Is Called Baby Heaven Because So Many Children Have Died From Toxic Drinking Water | 5/11/2022

Service members stationed at Camp Lejeune may be unaware that their cancer and other health problems are due to drinking toxic tap water...READ MORE

One By One Each State, Municipality, And Other Government Sub-divisions Are Suing The Manufacturers of PFAS Forever Chemicals | 5/10/2022

These lawsuits join military servicemember and their families who have been likewise injured by contaminated drinking water and are suing the Federal Government...READ MORE

Firefighters With Prostate Cancer Sue 3M And Others For Failing To Warn Them | 5/7/2022

Thousands of firefighters in the US have used toxic AFFF firefighting foam to extinguish petroleum fires...READ MORE

Children Of Military Service Members May Have Been Harmed The Most By PFAS Forever Chemicals | 5/5/2022

Hearing about the toxic drinking water at their military base ignites a parent's greatest fears of having failed to protect their children...READ MORE

The City Of Portsmouth Files Suit Against 3M and Others For Contaminating The Ohio River | 5/3/2022

The local water supplies of several communities have tested positive for PFAS forever chemicals...READ MORE

More Legislation Is On The Way That Will Compensate Military Veterans And Firefighters Who Have Developed Job-Related Illnesses | 4/27/2022

Toxic forever chemicals may be banned at military installations, airports, and firefighting stations...READ MORE

Another Lawsuit Filed Against a Municipal Drinking Water Treatment Plant For Being Polluted With Forever Chemicals | 4/25/2022

Filing a lawsuit may be the fastest way to hold those responsible for negligently polluting local drinking water supplies...READ MORE

Lawmakers Address Toxic PFAS Forever Chemicals By Writing Legislation That Is Pending Becoming Law | 4/22/2022

Manufacturers and the military may be held financially responsible for contaminating local drinking water supplies throughout the country with cancer-causing chemicals...READ MORE

One Study Finds Carcinogenic PFAS Chemicals Bioaccumulate In Beef And Dairy Products | 4/21/2022

PFAS forever chemicals contaminate the beef and dairy industry including cow's milk...READ MORE

A Local Dry Cleaning Company May Have Polluted the Camp Lejeune Water Treatment Facilities With PFAS Forever Chemicals | 4/19/2022

Dry cleaners all over the United States may be poisoning the local drinking water supplies...READ MORE

Burn Pits Are Identified As A Source Of Military Installation Drinking Water Contamination | 4/18/2022

If you or a family member have developed a serious illness and have served on a US military installation, you probably have been exposed to PFAS forever chemicals...READ MORE

Young Families Exposed To Toxic Chemicals Are Fighting Back | 4/15/2022

Americans face life-threatening challenges to their health and the health of their children from pollutants in the air, agricultural pesticides, and PFAS forever chemicals...READ MORE

Cancer Clusters Indicate PFAS Forever Chemical Contamination | 4/14/2022

Firefighters have a high probability of developing PFAS cancer after being repeatedly exposed to firefighting foam...READ MORE

98% Of Americans Test Positive For Toxic Levels of Forever Chemicals | 4/13/2022

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) investigates the dangers that PFAS forever chemicals pose to the health of every American family...READ MORE

Lawsuits Seek Lump Sum Monetary Compensation For Cancer And Birth Defects From Drinking Contaminated Drinking Water | 4/11/2022

Other lawsuits want manufacturers of forever chemical products like firefighting foam to pay for its cleanup and build new clean drinking water facilities...READ MORE

Studies Conclude That Unborn Children Were Injured When Pregnant Mothers Drank Contaminated Tap Water | 4/8/2022

Children born to mothers who drank the tap water at Camp Lejeune between 1968 and 1975 are four times more likely to suffer from cancer or another serious birth defect....READ MORE

3M To Be Held Accountable For Selling Products That Contain Forever Chemicals Claiming They Were Safe | 4/4/2022

The Illinois State AG is the latest government official to file a lawsuit alleging 3M has permanently contaminated the local environment with forever chemicals...READ MORE

Mothers That Drink Tap Water During Pregnancy Risk Having Children Born With Birth Defects | 3/30/2022

Three families on the same street near a naval base had children born with brain tumors...READ MORE

Elsworth Air Force Base Is Attempting To Provide Free Clean Water To Local Residents Poisoned By PFAS Chemicals | 3/28/2022

Air Force bases throughout the United States have used firefighting foam to extinguish jet-fuel fires...READ MORE

Military Veterans Are Protesting To Draw Attention To Toxic Burn Pits And The Carcinogenic Firefighting Foam Used To Extinguish The Fires | 3/25/2022

Burn pits and firefighting foam have contaminated the local drinking water supplies in and around US military bases for more than 30 years...READ MORE

The Closing Of Military Bases Exposed Toxic Burn Pits And Forever Chemicals in Firefighting Foam | 3/23/2022

Toxic firefighting foam was being used once per month to extinguish burn pit fires consisting of solvents, paints, metals, and other material...READ MORE

Politicians Agree Camp Lejeune Service Members And Their Families Deserve The Right To Sue The Federal Government | 3/22/2022

Marines may soon be able to file lawsuits against the US Government for their negligence in failing to ensure the safety of local drinking water supplies...READ MORE

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Sickened Thousands Of Young Military Families With Terminal Illnesses | 3/21/2022

From 1953 to 1987, US Marine military families drank, bathed, and played in water contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals from firefighting foam...READ MORE

Lawmakers Have More Evidence To Help Water Contamination Cancer Families Get Their Day In Court | 3/17/2022

The EPA now admits to 900 enormous toxic firefighting foam disasters, one approaching a 1 million gallon spill, at military installations and airports around the country...READ MORE

The Staggering Scope Of Firefighting Foam Water Contamination | 3/14/2022

Military bases, municipal fire departments, and airports may have exposed millions of US families to carcinogens in their tap water...READ MORE

The EPA Allocates A Record Amount of Money To Fix Lead Drinking Water Pipes Servicing Low-Income Communities | 3/10/2022

The Biden Administration and EPA plan to replace pipes leading to historically disadvantaged communities throughout the United States, creating jobs in the process...READ MORE

The EPA Allocates A Record Amount of Money To Fix Lead Drinking Water Pipes Servicing Low-Income Communities | 3/10/2022

The Biden Administration and EPA plan to replace pipes leading to historically disadvantaged communities throughout the United States, creating jobs in the process...READ MORE

Children Living Near Military Bases and Firefighting Stations Could Be At Risk Of Developing Cancer From The Drinking Water | 3/7/2022

Municipal and local governments and school boards need to test their drinking water supplies for forever chemicals...READ MORE

Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Survivors Could Get Their Day In Court | 3/6/2022

Toxic drinking water illnesses do not show up immediately as PFAS forever chemicals take time to bioaccumulate to levels that cause disease...READ MORE

Camp Lejeune Justice Act Is One Step Closer To Becoming A Reality | 3/5/2022

Military veterans and service members that have developed cancer from drinking water have won a significant victory ...READ MORE

County Governments Are Suing 3M For Failing To Warn Them of Forever Chemicals In Firefighting Foam | 3/4/2022

Hundreds of county governments could follow Bucks County Pennsylvania and hold 3M accountable for groundwater contamination...READ MORE

Veterans Who Love Their Country Gathered In Kentucky To Insist The Government Do The Right Thing | 3/3/2022

Military Veterans and their families gather demanding support for the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, and other groundwater contamination legislation...READ MORE

Ground-Water Contamination At Military Installation Caused Cancer In Thousands of Veterans | 3/2/2022

Soldiers at Camp Lejeune military base in North Carolina and others have developed cancer and other illnesses from drinking tap water...READ MORE

Private Homeowners and Renters Are Largely Unaware Of the Toxic Chemical That Contaminate Their Everyday Drinking Wellwater | 3/1/2022

There is no standardized testing of private water wells like there is for public municipalities...READ MORE

Individuals and Families Should Test The Drinking Water For Carcinogenic Chemical Contamination | 2/28/2022

Groundwater contamination with industrial chemicals and firefighting foam may cause cancer later in life...READ MORE

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